Found a Pet?

Thank you so much for being a hero for pets and trying to help the stray you’ve found. Chances are that pet has a family that is searching desperately for it, and the steps you take next will help them be reunited as quickly as possible.

If you have found a stray, follow these steps:
  1. Look for tags. If there is no owner information, rabies tags can be traced back to the owner through the city or facility that gave the vaccination.
  2. Contact local Animal Control for the right steps to take in the city where the pet was found. Every city has different protocols regarding which facility a found pet should be taken to so be sure to check with Animal Control first.
    See Animal Control by city
  3. Take the pet to the nearest shelter or veterinary clinic and have it scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found, the shelter or veterinary clinic will contact the microchip company and obtain the registered owner contact information.
  4. Notify the local animal shelters that you have found a pet and ask them to check and see if anyone has reported it missing. If you are unable to keep the pet while searching for the owner, take it to the nearest animal shelter - this is where the owners will likely search for it.

    Make posters to put on neighborhood light poles and bulletin boards. Use fluorescent posterboard and include a picture so it can be seen from several feet away. Make anyone who calls to claim the pet describe the pet or the collar it was wearing. Request pictures or other proof of ownership to make sure the pet is returned to its rightful owners.

    Fill out a Found Pet Report

  5. Use the internet to view reports of lost pets that owners might have posted on local lost/found pet sites:
    Lost Pet Registry Lost Pet Reports
    Lost Pet Registry’s Facebook page
    Craigslist Lost and Found
    Center for Lost Pets
    Fido Finder
    Area shelter Facebook pages
  6. Place ads in the newspaper
    The Kansas City Star will allow found ads for FREE for 3 days. Click here to post your ad.
    Independence Examiner will run free Found Ads – call (816) 254-8600